Intercultural by artist Sheinina Lolita Raj Sound Art collaboration by Nelly Furtado at Art Basel 2016

Intercultural by artist Sheinina Lolita Raj
Sound Art collaboration by Nelly Furtado at Art Basel 2016

A unique first of its kind installation of Intercultural immerses art lovers in an environment that engages them visually and acoustically.
Contemporary Fine Artist Sheinina Raj and International Pop Star Nelly Furtado stimulate the mind through multiple senses and deepen the relationship between the viewer and the art.
The four pieces that complete the collaboration include the cultures of India, Morocco, Hawaii and Mexico.
Each composition is inspired by one culture as it references native instruments and traditional singing. The four compositions are synchronized. When the attendee stands in the center a grander composition is heard in this unifying sound experience.

“When I first saw Sheinina Lolita Raj’s Toronto debut of Intercultural I was struck with both its power and its simplicity. Ideas about race, culture and nationhood are as relevant as ever. The opportunity to create original music for the Etra Fine Art / Art Basel Miami debut featuring SoundWall technology was a chance to meditate on these ideas, and to reflect on my own experience in the world as a first-generation Portuguese Canadian. I believe that our evolution as humans will depend on our ability to re-envision the world as a place where country lines are irrelevant. I believe art is a catalyst for the empathy this evolution requires..”
Nelly Furtado


Artist Statement
My name is Sheinina Lolita Raj, a person who was born from distinctively diverse ancestors, culturally, religiously, linguistically and physically.
Racially speaking I am half Indian and half English. I do however consider myself North American. Believing in the promised land of Canada my parents immigrated to Vancouver when I was five years old, hopeful that I would enjoy a peaceful life free of prejudices.
Although, the truth is you cannot run from racism.
Mankind has evolved to visually interpret their environment, a survival instinct ensures individuals are categorized.
When the color of my skin presents an unfamiliar reference, inevitably a barrier of discriminative notions are formed.
In honor of cultural diversity, “Intercultural” reflects just how different yet the same we are.
Adorned in the worldly traditional regalia of India, Pakistan, Morocco, Armenia, Jordan, Saudi-Arabia, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Portugal, Japan, Thailand, Native America, Mexico, Hawaii and North America, the collection self-portraiture unifies authentic heritage.
Raising awareness to the diverse nationalities living our modern day societies, “Intercultural” enlightens ideologies while initiating a common respect for all humanity and ultimately a peaceful coexistence.


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