NYC Frieze 2017: Enlighten Exhibition Sound Art Collaboration with The Crystal Method

NYC Frieze 2017: Enlighten Exhibition Sound Art Collaboration with The Crystal Method
Presented by ALUMINYZE
Produced & Curated by Artist Muse

Thursday May 4th, 6 – 11pm
Opening Reception
Live Curated set by The Crystal Method 10-11pm
Friday May 5th, 10am – 7pm
Artist Talk & Signing: 4 – 5pm
Moderated by Art Critic Shana Nys Dambrot
with The Crystal Method & Sheinina Lolita Raj
Saturday May 6th, 9 -11pm
After Hours
Sunday May 7th, 11am – 6pm
Brunch Reception
Artist Meet and Greet
Champagne Closing


From May 4th to 7th in New York City Aluminyze presents the abstractly expressionistic ENLIGHTEN and the portrait-based INTERCULTURAL exhibits produced and curated by Artist Muse.
In collaboration with musicians The Crystal Method and Nelly Furtado artist Sheinina Raj will use both her story and her body to express powerful personal and engagingly universal messages of peace, acceptance, and beauty. Everything Raj does in her photography-based practice is undertaken in a singular spirit of progressive humanism. In the images on display, audiences will have the opportunity to observe the artist more deeply, and inevitably come to see themselves as well.
The featured collections can only be experienced exclusively through AluminyzeSound – a new smart soundtechnology system that allows omnidirectional Sound Art to resonate from Alumininyze HD Aluminum prints that double as superior speakers with DML technology. Sound waves vibrate through the prints surface to produce an immersive sound experience.
The addition of music to the artwork provides an entry point into the work and its meaning, deepening the sense of connection to the audience and magnifying the magic of what art can already do.
Light Painting Photography by Sheinina Raj with Sound Art collaboration by The Crystal Method
Sheinina has been creating the Enlighten Light Painting Photography for over a decade. Inspired by universal energy and her embodiment of it she paints working with various light sources and a multitude of photography techniques. The original 35mm transparency film is a blank canvas that is exposed multiple times as layers of light are captured by her body and its movement with light. In collaboration with sound alchemists The Crystal Method , ENLIGHTEN speaks to the electrified meditative urban trance, a love of sampling and groovy glitches.
A visual portrait and sound project by Sheinina Raj and Nelly Furtado
A conceptually rigorous portfolio exploring conventions of ethnicity through a series of costumed self-portraiture featuring artist Raj arrayed in the traditional finery of diverse nations with the backdrop of music by Nelly Furtado. Raj’s own crossborder heritage and intercontinental family history first inspired her to embark on this serial self-transformation. The artists inviting countenance is revealed as ethnically morphic as she successively embodies both the epitome and increasing obsolescence of race-based constructs of identity. Sound makes for not only a more complete experience, but saliently provides a new and perhaps unexpected interpretation of the art. Nelly Furtado’s work with INTERCULTURAL is based on her world music sensibility and the fusion of multi-linguistic layering for which she is known.
About Aluminyze
Aluminyze has partnered with thought provoking artists Shenina Raj and and The Crystal Method to merge music and art. In the brands tradition of using exacting processes and premium materials, Aluminyze captured the unique beauty of each print bringing the celebrated work to life.
From inception, Aluminyze’s mission has been to make the finest archival quality high definition aluminum prints available. Their dye sublimation process coupled with perfectionist standards and the highest quality material magnifies the beauty of both the photo and the aluminum, resulting in gorgeous prints luminous with color and high-resolution detail. Through an easy to use online platform, amazing service, and affordable pricing, they make stunning aluminum prints available to all. Used exclusively by Shenina Raj, Aluminyze prints are loved by photographers and artists worldwide.
Artist Statement, Sheinina Raj:
I was astounded by the vibrancy of the high definition aluminum print produced by Aluminyze. The attention to detail in each custom print realizes the full potential of the color palette possible by the high-resolution print medium. The pigment based dye sublimation process paired with Aluminyze’s commitment to perfection were the assurance I needed that the finished pieces of the Enlighten collection would both meet a museum quality archival standard and actualize the light and energy of each print. My partnership with Aluminyze is due to their superior quality and impeccable execution, I simply couldn’t find anywhere else.
800 5th Ave.
Manhattan, New York 10065

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